Why Berkner?

We create our products with passion. We care about the products' quality at every stage of the production. All products are made in Europe. We create sportswear for professionals by keeping an affordable price at the same time.  

Specially designed collections make you wear our clothes in layers accordingly to the weather. Our sporstwear protects you from sun, wind, snow and rain, and at the same time it helps to drain the axcess of perspiration. Good quality materials and flat seams prevent skin irritation. There are additional vents, membranes and more breatheable materials in areas prone to perspiration. Our materials contain silver ions which eliminate odors.


Our products are designed with an emphasis on the anatomy, phisiology, safety and comfort.

Thanks to our in-depth analysis in body movements in different sport disciplines, we created sportswear that help you to enjoy the sport to maximum. In our ranks work a lot of athletes who help us to create new designs that leads to long life of our comfortable sportswear.

We use the best elastic materials with unchangeable high technical parameters.

They are resistant to peeling, UV radiation, the intensity changes due to wash and use, changes in the properties of bacteriostatic and dimensional changes.



Our products have high quality additivies like : naps, elastics, strands, tapes and thermo-transfer films. 



GWe guarantee the highest possible precision.