Berkner is the European leader in the manufacture of the best quality sportswear. We produce clothes for many sport disciplines, such as cycling, skiing, running and others. We pride ourselves on more than 27 years of experience and also on the knowledge of all the latest technologies available on the market. We strive to make each of our product unique.  

The philosophy of our company is the quality. The aim is to provide the best quality products. We do not support global trend of creating short-life products. The process of creating our clothes is long and laborious, because we pay attention to every detail. This allows us to provide products that we are proud to give our customers to use for years.

Since 1989 we have been constantly expanding our portfolio.

We try to satisfy the most demanding customers with the latest technologies available on the market.


Our work has been appreciated in numerous trade magazines, such as 'Podróże', twice as the product of the year, or the Japanese Ski Journal as the best sports socks.

We cooperate with major suppliers of sportswear not only in Poland, but also throughout the world. We believe in genuine partnership. More details in the section Cooperation.

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By combining needs of the most demanding customers, our own experience in sports and the production technology we use, we can make the sportswear not just unusual, but also affordable.

By expanding the area of our activity, we try to transfer developed relationships, network of contacts and knowledge base to customer satisfaction. Each custemer is equally important to us, regardless of the needs.

Sport and quality must go in line with...

...And the quality is in details.