The mask is made of the highest quality materials with silver ions SILVER BION FORTE

Nice to touch, light and delicate

The microfibers of the material used for the production of the masks are certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 ensuring safety in contact with the skin and approved for use by children and adults

The content of Ag silver in microfibers has been confirmed by tests

The use of silver integrated with polyamide fibers results in incomparably greater durability compared to other technologies, e.g. wetting, antibacterial finishing

subsequent washing does not remove Ag + silver ions

The mask is made of two layers of SILVER BION FORTE fabric to filter the air more efficiently

Pockets on the sides of the mask allow the use of additional filter layers

In the upper part, an adjustable stabilizer enabling optimal adjustment to the individual face shape

The right shape increases the mask's tightness and efficiency

Comfortable, flexible and adjustable ear loops ensure stable adhesion of the mask to the nose and mouth.

The mask provides easy breathing without irritating the skin of the face

Perfect to take care of your health - it is suitable for every day

It helps to reduce the reflex touch of the face and lips

The mask is not sterile

The mask can be washed and used repeatedly

We recommend washing at 70 degrees

Washing at higher temperatures than recommended may cause color migration but does not change the antibacterial properties of the material's fibers

Wide use - Suitable for travel, sport, running, cycling at home and many other places.

Mask without approval - it does not protect completely, but it is worth using it preventively


For hygiene and sanitary-epidemiological reasons, we do not accept mask returns for the sake of our customers and employees. The provision is in accordance with art. 38 point 5 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.

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silverbionforte.pngSILVER BION FORTE is a unique fabric made of modern fibers which include silver ions. It fits the body perfectly. Modern fibers contain silver ions that drain the excess of perspiration to protect body from cold and eliminate the odors. They maintain the natural level of bacterias on the skin.


- elastic
- comfortable
- pleasant to the touch
- light, quick drying
- bacteriostatic, antiallergic with silver ions
- tailored to the shape of the face
- easy breathing
- produced in Poland



S-M preferred for women

L-XL preferred for men