JESSY Cycling Shorts

Women's cycling shorts with GEL PAD 4HD  women seat pad were made of breathable ENERGY 190 fabric. Fabric texture helps to drain the excess of perspiration to protect body from cold. Non-pressure elastic keeps the shorts in place while cycling. An ergonomic protective seat pad, GEL PAD 4HD women, was used in crotch. Anatomically fitted seat pad with a variable thickness protects body from mechanical injuries. The SILVER ION  fabric was used in one of the layers inside the seat pad. Fabric fibers contain minerals which emit silver ions to eliminate the odors and don't lose their properties. Stretchy shorts fit the body giving the feeling of comfort. There is anti-skidding elastic around the trouser-leg hem. Flat seams prevent skin irritations. Reflective elements located at the front and back add high visibility whilst on the road. There are also reflective fabric elements on the sides. Designed for warm weather.

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190.png ENERGY 190 fabric gives the feeling of comfort. Protects from wind.
silverion.png SILVER ION in the structure of the material ensure the hygiene and comfort without unpleasant odors. Anti-allergic, permanently prevent movement of bacteria from the material to the skin.


- flat seams
- a bacteriostatic ergonomic GEL PAD 4HD women seat pad
- anti-skidding elastic around the bottom trouser-leg hem
- reflective elements
- made in Europe according to strict European standards




GELpad 4D is one of our top multi-layer cycling pads. Anatomically matched, made in 4D technology, the pad provides total freedom of movement, absorbs shock perfectly and protects against abrasion. Properly selected structures of materials improve comfort, protect and ventilate. In areas exposed to mechanical damage, the foam is denser and thicker. In addition,gel cushioning was used. It helps to maintain and stimulate blood circulation at the critical points of contact, making it a perfect fit for long distance cycling. For better air circulation and moisture management, perforated foam and perforated gel were applied. Modern polyurethane open cell foam (MEMORY FOAM) allows for more balanced and even weight distribution, excellent shock absorbing properties, and aids heat dispersion to reduce hot spots and friction. Specific external duct system, Clima Vent helps to remove excess moisture, provides comfort, even during intense exercise. Modern technologies of fibers and materials help to maintain the right temperature, climate, and natural levels of bacteria on the skin. The fabric that adheres to the body directly contains silver ions, which provide high hygiene and prevents against unpleasant


Size Height Chest measurement Neck measurement High waist measurement Hip measurement
S 156-162 86-90 34 64-72 92-98
M 160-166 90-94 36 72-80 98-104
L 164-170 94-98 38 80-88 104-110
XL 168-174 98-102 40 88-96 110-116
XXL 172-176 102-104 42 96-102 116-122