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Thermo long sleeve shirt with turtleneck

The shirt was made of elastic double thermal layer. It fits to the body perfectly, and therefore, efficiently wicks moisture away and provides comfort. It's equipped with an additional inner fluffy thermal layer which is perfect at low temperatures and harsh weather conditions (tested during winter alpine expeditions). Fabric microfibers (SILVER BION FORTE) contain minerals with silver ions. The use of this technology provides durability of bacteriostatic properties of the material. Thanks to the use of high-quality advanced fibers, the shirt retains its shape regardless of how long it's been used. The back is extended. Flat seams improve comfort and do not cause chaffing. The zippered turtleneck adds an extra protection against cold around neck. During exercising, the skin gets wet and wants to breathe. Therefore, the special structure of the fabric efficiently wicks the moisture away and thermoregulates. The underwear is bacteriostatic (maintains natural level of bacteria on the skin) and anti-allergenic. Thanks to the use of the best materials, the shirt provides high comfort. THERMO underwear is an excellent combination of high quality and reasonable price. The shirt was designed for those who value warmth and comfort, especially cyclists, skiers and snowboarders.



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technofleece.png TECHNOFLEECE fibers, thanks to the special structure, provide perfect isolation and protection from cold.
silverbionforte.png SILVER BION FORTE is a unique fabric made of modern fibers which include silver ions. It fits the body perfectly. Modern fibers contain silver ions that drain the excess of perspiration to protect body from cold and eliminate the odors. They maintain the natural level of bacterias on the skin.


- classic cut
- extended back
- high zippered turtleneck
- elastic
- pleasant to the touch
- comfortable
- breathable and very warm
- quick-drying
- resistant to deformation
- bacteriostatic and anti-allergenic
- no unpleasant odors
- made in Europe according to strict European standards



Size Height Chest measurement Neck measurement High waist measurement Hip measurement
XS 158 82-86 33 58-64 86-92
S 156-162 86-90 34 64-72 92-98
M 160-166 90-94 36 72-80 98-104
L 164-170 94-98 38 80-88 104-110
XL 168-174 98-102 40 88-96 110-116
XXL 172-176 102-104 42 96-102 116-122